OTC Penis Enhancement Pills That Work

reviews of the best otc penis enhancement supplements available

If you have been trying to find Over The Counter or OTC penis enhancement pills that work or you belong to the group of skeptical people then maybe you should read this. Yes, there are OTC penis pills that work and we are going to examine a few of them.

This is not to say however that there are no fakes out there – you bet, there are and tons of them too. But you must be extremely careful not to be a victim of frauds, poor quality and dangerous products.

Real Life Facts About Penis Enhancement And Male Performance In Sex

Before we go any further, let us first go back a little and explore the mind set of men when it comes to the penis. No matter what part of the world you live in, your culture, race, color, religious belief or whatever, the perception of male sexuality is extremely very much the same. Men all over the world are concerned with the sizes of their penises, they are concerned about whether they will be able to produce erections at will and longer, they are concerned whether their sexual failures might lead to their partner looking for another better equipped and more able man. The list goes on.

I have not yet seen, met or even heard of any man who will be happy if his female partner left him and went to another man for sexual satisfaction simply because he was not able to sexually satisfy her. Yet there are increasing cases that women dump their male partners and even marital spouses for that matter and go to another man who is able to give them what they miss in their relationships. Let’s be real. Everything is centered around good sexual satisfaction. Period!

Wait a minute there. Love has nothing to do with it. This is where a lot of men do not understand the underlying thing and thus get it wrong. A woman may love you to death and still go to someone else for sexual satisfaction if you are not able to give it to her. I mean, that’s just the bitter reality of life and you just have to take it for what it is whether you like it or not.

Now let us get down to business and try to figure out how we can assist you and arm you with the right and necessary resources and information about how you can take your sexual performance to a higher level and maybe prevent your partner from dumping you for another man who unfortunately sometimes might even be your best friend. That is nothing new. We’ve seen that before, we are seeing it today and we will continue to see it. Another bitter truth and bitter pill to swallow.

Reasons Why Men Want Penis Enhancement

There are a number of reasons why men want to enhance their penises. Men who feel that their penises are not big enough would rather go for penis enlargement. Men who are satisfied with the size of their penises would want to improve the functionalities such as hardness during sexual performance as well as being able to last longer.

Whatever your reason you can always find some features that might interest you. That is why we are going to breakdown everything to the following most popular male sexual aspirations and those are penis size and everything to do with penile erections whether getting the erection or the erection lasting longer or whether the erection will go limp in the middle of a sexual intercourse. Let us explore the options.

Men Are Obsessed With Penis Size

Don’t tell me that you have never looked at your penis and thought whether it is big enough or not. Big enough for what? Don’t be embarrassed, every man does that.
Now let’s check a couple of real life facts.

Why Every Man Wants a Bigger Penis

According to a study of 52,000 heterosexual men, about 45% of men desire a larger penis. A bigger penis can improve a man’s sex life and emotional health, and fortunately, there are a couple of medical solutions for penis enlargement. The good news is that there are several things a man can do to improve his penis size.

However, since this post is specifically focused on OTC or Over The Counter penis enhancement pills, we will be addressing the possible options of penis enlargement but in another post in the future. Right now, our focus will be on the OTC penis enhancement pills.

Characteristics Of Over The Counter Penis Pills

A characteristic that is common to all over the counter penis enhancement pills is that they are made from herbs, herbal extracts, naturally occurring vitamins or some kind of food item we find in house holds. Therefore it is not uncommon to find these pills being labelled “Herbal Penis Enhancement Pills”.

Another very important characteristic of these kind of male enhancement products id that they do not require a person to obtain a doctor’s prescription before he can buy them.

These male products are safe for use and they do not pose any danger or negative side effects to the user nor are they addictive.

OTC Penis Enhancement Pills That Work

Below we are going to look at a number of proven to work herbal penis enhancement pills. There may be others we are not aware of but these are the ones we know can “do the job”.

1. VigRX Plus Pills – One Of The Best

vigrxplus penis enhancement pills that work

This product is at the very top of over the counter penis enhancer pills ladder. It out ranks its peers in performance. VigRxPlus has been around for a long time and hundreds of thousands of men from all corners of the planet have benefited from its use.

Now, every supplement manufacturer claims that their product is the best but how best is best? This question is one of the many that can cause confusion among potential users. Everyone becomes confused as to which supplement to choose because all of them make the same claims.

Unfortunately, this is hard to answer because the proofs are hard but not impossible to obtain. It is no longer a secret that many manufacturers of health supplements sell worthless stuff nor is it a new thing to see advertisers over hyping the products they sell.

This does not say that there are no genuine supplements on the market. There are of course. Vigrx Plus just happens to be one of the few genuine herbal male sexual enhancement supplements you can buy on the internet today.

One example of a proof that VigRx Plus really works is evident in the claim of a certain man named Patrick White. He claims that VigRx Plus is the only one that worked for him. You can read more such testimonials.

Dr. Steven Lamm Endorses VigRx Plus Pills For Penis Enhancement

Dr. Lamm claims he is very critical of OTC penis enhancement pills or any over the counter pills altogether but he wholeheartedly recommend VigRXPlus for men who want better sexual performance.

2. Prosolution Pills – Multiple Orgasms

The next OTC penis enhancement pills we are going to look at are the Prosolution Pills. These herbal pills also can make a man to be very sexually capable because they can give him everything he needs to be a wonderful lover.

Just like Vigrx Plus we discussed above, Prosolution pills are also made from naturally growing herbs as well as vitamins which can be found in nature.

What You Can Get From Prosolution Pills

Among the many benefits you can get by using Prosolution pills are:

  • Your penis can become bigger with your erections being harder and longer lasting.
  • Your libido or sex drive can drastically increase
  • Thicker and fuller penis can be yours
  • You can experience multiple orgasms
  • Your sexual stamina can be increased tremendously.

Prosolution Pills were endorsed by Dr. Karen F. Vieira who holds a PhD in Biochemical sciences. She is primarily impressed by the results that these OTC penis enhancement pills have shown especially in according to her “a jump in sex drive and the ability to achieve multiple orgasms”.

Craig Murphy from Australia in his testimonials about how Prosolution Pills work claims that he saw his penis become thicker and his erections harder after just 14 days of using the pills.

Prosolution pills are safe for use and they too do not show characteristics of negative side effects unlike prescription medications for male sexual enhancement.

prosolution pills over the counter penis enlargement pills

What Do We Constantly Do?

We are constantly searching for new additions to the list we have here about Over-The-Counter penis enhancement pills. We believe that there are very good ones out there and that is why we are on constant look out for them. We will post our review and opinion about them as soon as we are sure the pills are gonna deliver results and not one of those useless pills which some manufacturers produce just to trick you out of your money. Till then, enjoy!