Testosterone Boosters: 9 Facts And Review Of Best Supplements

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Testosterone boosters. What are they and how do they have impact on your health? This and many of their functions will be our focus. The basic function of testosterone is to promote the growth of male sex organs and the production of male secondary sex characteristics, such as facial hair. Generally, the hormones that control growth in fetuses and infants also control adult sexual characteristics.

This post is supposed to be a review of the most popular and the tested testosterone boosters that can elevate your level of the hormone but before we jump into the review, we would like to make you become familiar with this hormone itself. There are more things to it than most people think and believe.

Fact 1: The Basics About Testosterone

If you don’t want to learn the basics about testosterone and how it does and can affect your entire life but want to head over directly to read about the various supplements that have the ability to boost testosterone level, then we think that The Review Of The Best Available Testosterone Supplements will be an excellent starting point.

The main difference between men and women is that women have smaller testicles than men. Does this sound crazy to you? Well, men have ovaries although not as developed as in women and so do women have testicles although not as developed as in men. But small testicles aren’t the whole story. Testosterone does a lot for a man’s health. It increases his muscle mass and strength, and gives him an energy boost. It also increases a man’s sex drive, and makes him more attractive to the opposite sex.

Fact 2: Bad Characteristics Associated With Testosterone

But testosterone’s effects aren’t all for good. It tends to make a man more aggressive and dominant. It can cause him to act without thinking; it can cause him to get trapped in ruts of resentment and anger. And it can make him blind to the negative aspects of sex, like its risk of disease.

None of this is a surprise. Men are bigger than women, and testosterone makes them bigger. Yet testosterone has the opposite effect on women. It makes them smaller, less muscular, less aggressive, and less dominant.

Testosterone is an important part of men’s biology. But it isn’t the whole story. For one thing, men have smaller testicles than women. But women also have smaller ovaries than men, and a smaller uterus. And men also have one more X chromosome than women, and women one more Y chromosome.

In biology, one X chromosome and one Y chromosome are enough. But biology isn’t the whole story either. Women tend to be smarter than men, and women have more nerve endings in their fingertips than men.

Fact 3: Scientists Experiment With Rats

It was a long time before scientists recognized the importance of this hormone. They thought that testosterone was simply an indicator of male virility, just as estrogen was a sign of female fertility. This belief was reinforced by experiments on animals, in which scientists gave testosterone to female rats and male rats. The female rats grew larger and became more masculine, while the male rats lost weight and became less virile.

Fact 4: 1950 Experiment About Mechanism Of Sex Development

But in the 1950s, as scientists began to understand the mechanism of sex development, it began to become clear that testosterone was essential for the development of male characteristics. The birth-control pill, which interrupts the reproductive cycle of many women, also interferes with the development of the male fetus.

Testosterone levels in males vary a great deal over the course of their lives. In general, they increase during adolescence, to decline during early adulthood, and then to increase again during late adulthood.

Fact 5: What Testosterone Really Is

The male sex hormone testosterone is the dominant hormone in men. Testosterone causes men to grow muscles, increase fat storage, and increase bone mass. Testosterone is also responsible for male sex characteristics, such as male-pattern baldness, and for a man’s ability to reproduce.

Fact 6: What Body Parts Produce Testosterone?

Testosterone is produced in many parts of the body, but the most important sources are the testicles and the adrenal glands.
Testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which breaks down testosterone to DHT. DHT has a greater affinity for the androgen receptor in target tissues than the natural male hormone testosterone. DHT has a greater affinity for the androgen receptor in target tissues than the natural male hormone testosterone.

Every species whose male sex hormone is different from ours has higher testosterone. But human testosterone is higher than in chimpanzees, gorillas, or bonobos, which are our closest relatives.

Fact 7: Our Ancestors Knew Better

Our ancestors must have been smart enough to figure out that high testosterone would be an advantage. But how did they do it?
There’s a clue in chimps, who probably used their testosterone to raid the human camp. When a chimp jumped out and grabbed a female, the male swung in to grab him. If he was too slow, the female hopped away, and the male lost his chance.

Just as testosterone is the critical male sex hormone, it is the critical female sex hormone as well.
Testosterone and estrogen work together to orchestrate the life process of the organism. They control vital functions such as growth, aging, metabolism, and reproduction.

Each sex hormone controls a different aspect of function; testosterone regulates muscle mass and fat distribution, and estrogen regulates red blood cell production. These hormones work together; testosterone stimulates red blood cell production; estrogen increases the amount of testosterone in the blood.

You might have come across hundreds of testosterone boosting supplements in the market. But in reality, when it comes to testosterone boosting supplements, not all of them are as beneficial as they seem to be.

Fact 8: Testosterone Boosters Supplements

There are supplements that claim to boost testosterone, increase strength and muscle gains, enhance sexual performance, boost libido as in OTC penis enhancement pills, and a host of other benefits. Sadly, most of these testosterone boosting supplements are not what they claim to be. The testosterone boosting supplements that market themselves as testosterone boosters, all claim to increase testosterone levels in your body.

Fact 9: How Do You Recognize A Good Testosterone Booster Supplement?

These supplements are promoted as the next big thing in the world of bodybuilding. However, when you research, you might find that most of these supplements are nothing more than testosterone boosters. Some supplements are even steroids that they sell as natural testosterone boosters.

Now, you might be wondering, what is the best testosterone boosting supplement in the market? How can you find the best testosterone booster? In the following sections, you will get the answer to all of these questions.

The best testosterone boosting supplement should be the one which boosts testosterone levels without disrupting other hormone functions. The supplement should also be affordable, easy to use and without side effects.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that helps in muscle development, fats burning and sexual performance. But, testosterone production slows down from the age of 30. Testosterone supplements help men to naturally produce testosterone. But, not all testosterone supplements are safe to use.

In the following lines, I will provide you useful information about the best testosterone boosting supplement in the market, so that you can make an informed decision.

Proven To Work And Safe To Use Testosterone Booster Supplements

10. Review Of The Best Available Testosterone Supplements

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